Stop Allowing Your Wounds to Infect Your Life

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In medicine, anytime there is a disruption within the integrity of our bodily systems, we are exposed to the elements and if untreated, we are susceptible to infection. Sure, we can put a bandage on it and cover the wounds, but if not cleaned appropriately, they can cause severe damage to other organs and areas of our body and even worse, death.

The same goes for our internal wounds (i.e. trauma, past failures, abuse, etc.).

We can cover them up with 


­čÄ»Expensive clothes

­čÄ»Bigger houses

­čÄ»Nicer cars

­čÄ»More money

But until we clean them out and address the root cause, it's only a matter of time before they resurface and wreak havoc on other areas of our life. Areas such as

Our Relationships

Our Health

Our Wealth

For years, I tried to sweep the wounds from my past under the rug and while I was "crushing it" on the surface, underneath it all, I was struggling to find fulfillment and purpose. 

It wasn't until I was willing and able to address the root cause of the problems that seemed to keep resurfacing that I was able to look at things from a different perspective. 

Here are 2 keys to healing the wounds before they infect the rest of your life. 

1. Forgiveness: Forgiving those who wronged you doesn't release them from what they have done, it releases you as the prisoner who is held captive by the thoughts and feelings associated with the event. It was once said that forgiveness is letting go of the hope that things could have been different. Although we can't go back and change the past, we can decide today to rewrite the future. I believe that forgiveness is the key that unlocks this potential. 

2. Faith:  Speaking of hope, it is faith in the fact that your best days are ahead of you and not behind you. The sad truth is that many live their life reliving the past. The Good ol Days. I want you to take the stance that the best has yet to come. I know it is hard to do considering all of the BS going on in the world but trust me, this too shall pass. It's the faith in who you are becoming that drives the behavior necessary to win. 

Keep this in mind as you forge a future that you are proud of!



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