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I’m Anthony Waite – a speaker, trainer, and coach who specializes in high performance leadership and development. I help individuals and organizations who understand the importance of personal development and its effect on professional growth. My philosophy on leadership is this:

“A position doesn’t make the leader, it merely reveals their discipline to cultivate the character necessary to lead by example.”

When we understand this component of leadership, we become intentional with how we lead ourselves and through our actions, we begin to influence the outcomes in our personal and professional lives. I’ve utilized this approach to train and lead thousands of people around the world with great results.

Before I made the leap into leadership, I lived out the principles and practices I share with my audiences as an Active Duty Naval Officer. Over the last decade and a half, I have climbed the ranks from enlisted to officer and worked alongside high level executives to include The President of the United States.

My Story...


Why Did You Join The Navy?

I am often asked this question as people see the rank, the medals, and the achievements but the truth is, life isn't fair. I used to tell myself that a lot growing up as I believed that life happened to me and not for me. Growing up without a prominent father figure and a single mother on welfare, I had to grow up fast as things around me changed very quick and very often. After climbing what seemed like an uphill battle, I was the first of my siblings to graduate high school. To a lost and broken teen it seemed like a major milestone, but shortly after, I received a major set least I thought. 

Life Will Punch You In The Face

On the evening of graduation, a group of friends and I were celebrating when my stepfather reared back and smacked me right in eye. As I fell to the floor, I  everything went dark...and it would stay that way for the next year as I would leave home and become homeless.

What Are You "Going To Do With Your Life?"

After running tirelessly from my problems, I hit rock bottom. I was working on a ranch when a man by the name of Ernie Deats came up to me after a 14 hour day and asked "Boy, what are you going to do with your life?" It was then that I made the decision to join the Navy and leave everything I had known up until that point. 

True Transformation Is An Inside Job!

I would like to say that putting on the uniform and achieving something that only 1% of all others have done changed my life, but the truth was that I was still empty inside. The troubled and traumatic past seemed to followed me no matter where I went and although I didn't want to admit it, my default settings did not serve me. After many set backs and missed opportunities, I decided it was time for a shift. 

Chase Significance Not Success.

After being selected for a commission as a Naval Officer, I began the journey to becoming a Navy Nurse. The selection process is very rigorous and almost impossible (especially for someone with a belief system like mine.) After focusing my attention on achieving this monumental pivot from enlisted to officer, I quickly realized that achieving success is not all what it's cracked up to be. I had the title, the position, the rank but I didn't have the tools to lead effectively. To be frank, I was bigger on the outside than I was on the inside. Once I became aware of this gap, I quickly reached out to my leadership to ask for help and what I quickly found is that I was a product of my environment. It was here that I realized that I cannot move forward by default, I had to get to work designing the leader that was confident and competent to influence those around me. 

Be Willing To Bet On Yourself

After my last deployment in 2016, I came home to my pregnant wife and 1 year old son and I remember thinking to myself "If I don't go to work on me, my personal and professional life will crumble." Up until then, I was seeking external solutions to an internal problem. As I sat in my office, I pulled out a book that I received prior to leaving titled "15 Laws of Invaluable Growth" by John Maxwell. It wouldn't be long before I was being mentored by John and his faculty.


Since then, I have been fortunate to travel around the world and mentor thousands of emerging leaders on tools and tactics to increase their personal and professional influence and thus increasing their potential. I have found throughout my journey that we live in a world that tells us that we must "have" more in order to "be" more. I want you to consider that in order to have more you must first become more. In other words, you must be bigger on the inside than you are on the outside. If not, it's only a matter of time before your character is found out. 

I look forward to being part of your journey towards transformation! 

Life in the Present

When I am not tasked with completing a mission for the Navy, I am fulfilling my life’s mission of being a husband, father, and leader to those that follow me through my podcast: Who’s OAR Is This  and in my private Facebook group: LEAD360.

While I enjoy the podcast and adding value to the group, I always send updates on trainings and thoughts via my blog.  You can stay up to date by signing up here. For doing so, I’ll send you a free 8 part series from one of my mentors, John Maxwell.

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