You Will Be Judged

Never allow the fear of what others might say or think to prevent you from pursuing your purpose or potential. The truth is that you will be judged. 

Understand that judgment comes from ignorance. Ignorance is from a lack of knowledge and information. Understanding this allows you to remove the feeling that judgment promotes inside of us. Too often, people allow judgment to validate the thoughts and ideas we have about ourselves. So in essence, if we lack the knowledge or information we have about ourselves, we will fall into the trap of allowing the false ideas of others to become our truth. 

And the truth is we are never called to walk by fear, we are called to walk by faith. 

Faith in who we are becoming. It is never about perfection, it is always about progression. 

So how are you building proof of the progression you are creating in all areas of your life?

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and get to work on building these into the habits and beliefs you need to fortify your confidence. 

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