Don't Force Something That Isn't Meant For You

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How do you know when something is/isn’t for you?


The fear of failure is something that we all struggle with. Failure is often a feeling that isn’t based on facts. Failure is something often something that we believe is a perception that others have of us when we don’t meet their expectations. 


When you don’t have a direction in life and fail to set standards for yourself, you are left with the standards placed on us by your family, society, and your social circle. 


The worst thing we can do is continue to pursue something out of approval for someone. Most people who become doctors have done so because their parents were doctors and out of obligation, they pursue a field that has left them unfulfilled. 


Even worse, when we are heavily invested in something like a relationship or career path, we feel like backing out is not an option. This is completely flawed as it is worse to push through and exhaust ourselves out of fear. I would rather pause and reflect to figure out if this is actually adding or subtracting value to my life and course correcting as needed. 


The longer you stay the course, the harder it becomes to take the necessary action to change course. 


I’m not saying that you need to quit your relationship and or career, but you definitely should take a long hard look and see how it is progressing your life. 


What would your life look like if you were to stay?


What are your options if you decide to go?


It is important to separate the feelings from the facts. 

Once you have exhausted all avenues, it is time to move forward. 


Will it hurt? Yes 


Will it be worth it? That's for you to decide. 


The pain of regret always seems to catch us when we least expect it. 


The pain of living a life that we are not proud of always hurts more than the pain of pursuing our potential of what we could have been.

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