Don't Be a Shark in a Tank

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There was a study conducted that revealed a shark will only grow to the size of its environment. For example, If you put it in a 10-gallon tank, it cannot and will not grow bigger than the 10-gallon tank. If you take it and put it in a 20-gallon tank, it will grow no bigger than the tank itself. But, if you take the shark and put it in the ocean, we all know that the shark becomes the most feared predator as it grows to its full potential. 

I want to have you consider that the same goes for us. If we stay in an environment that is full of negativity and criticism, a relationship that does not move our life forward, or a job that has put a lid on our potential, no matter how hard we try, we will never break free from the confines of that environment. 

But how many of us stay in our current situation out of fear or even worse, comfort?

Unlike the shark, we have the power of choice!

So there is no reason you should end up allowing your environment to limit your personal and professional potential. 

Here are some key factors to help you take inventory of your environment:

1. Are there others that are ahead of me and willing to mentor me?

2. Am I being challenged in a healthy way?

3. Does my vision of what I desire still have room to grow?

4. Is the atmosphere constructive or destructive?

5. Am I able to be stretched out of my comfort zone?

6. Are there others that have a growth mindset?

7. Is there an opportunity for change?

8. Are there leaders who model who I want to become?

If you answered no to more than 1 of these, I want you to consider making a plan that includes an exit strategy. 

If not, you will become like the shark in the tank and never reach your potential!


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