Your Potential Is The Promise You Keep To Yourself

How do we truly reach our full potential?

A mentor once told me that God's promise to us is a gift given to us in the form of our full potential. Our promise to him is us actually reaching that God-Given Potential. 

I believe that every one of us has been given a calling in our life that is bigger than our current reality, circumstances, or situation. However, many of us spend most of our days being swept away by the "Currents" of life.

Current Relationships

Current Finances

Current Job

Current Health 

Think about a ship that is tossed about on the ocean. If it doesn't drop an anchor, its chances of crashing or capsizing greatly is increased. 

You and I have an anchor as well. These are in the form of Vision and Values.

When the storms of life are tossing us around and we are losing control we must anchor to something. The problem for many is that we are anchored to the wrong things.



Past mistakes/failures

Shitty relationships

If this is you, I want you to consider doing this instead.

Write down a vision of what your life might look like if you were living from your highest self. Literally, ask "What would my best self do in this situation." How would he or she show up at this moment?  Now write down the characteristics and actions they would display.

Next, I want you to take some time to write out a list of core values. Write down as many as you can think of and put them on paper. 

Now, narrow them down to 3-5 and put them on a notecard. Every morning, review this card before the day begins and again when the day is over.

Ask yourself this powerful question: "Would I have followed me?"

Do this until you begin to keep the promises you made to yourself i times of calm so that you can perform in times of chaos.


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